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Welcome, Military Members And Families!

Army Soldiers

We first want to say, “Thank You” for all the sacrifices that you have endured to protect us and we are proud you are a part of our San Diego community. Military VA loans are very attractive and have allowed many of our active and former military clients achieve their dream of owning a home with very little money down. Take advantage of the current buyer’s market and low VA rates. We understand the fine details in handling a VA transaction. Let us help find your home.


You have found your REALTOR® resource for buying your next home. With expertise in real estate for buying properties in San Diego, Michael Mourad and the Palisade Realty Team are looking forward to serving you.


The Homebuying Process

In the military, you learn the importance of relationships as through the years your friends become your family. These are the people you depend upon when your kids are sick, your spouses are deployed, and your cars break down. When it comes to buying a home, the same relationship rules apply. Finding the right professionals you can depend upon is critical to a successful home buying experience. To help you determine who these professionals are, here are some tips to consider.

Have High Expectations For The Professionals You Choose.

Your real estate agent and mortgage professional are there to work for you. They should promptly return your telephone calls, thoroughly answer all of your questions, put all costs and expectations in writing, and tailor everything they do to meet your unique needs. My Team will provide the service you deserve.


Work On The Loan Before You Shop For A Home.

Find out how much of a house you qualify for before you go shopping. This will keep you from wasting time looking at homes out of your price range. Unfortunately, that’s what one buyer did and she admits, “[shopping out of my range] took all of the fun out of shopping for my first home because I kept comparing it to what I couldn’t afford.” When you start with the loan, you will stay focused and shop homes you can afford.


Trust Your Instincts.

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Sadly, competition has taught mortgage lenders to quote a small number for the interest rates and minimize closing costs. This leads to a “bait and switch” of loan fees, where your actual fees are much higher than what was originally quoted. There can also be hidden prepayment penalties, balloon payments, or even ‘negatively amortizing’ loans where the balance of your loan actually gets larger each month.

Don’t let anyone intimidate you or use sales tactics to push you into something before you are ready. If a company requires any type of upfront financial commitment, then find someone else. Look for a lender which guarantees both the interest rate and closing costs in writing and patiently answers all of your questions. These lenders typically have your best interest in mind.


Be Careful About Shopping Lenders Based Solely On The Lowest Rates And Fees.

It costs lenders money to do loans. No matter what the advertisements say, there is fine print involved. If someone promises to do your loan and send your family to Hawaii at no cost to you, there is a catch. Think about who you go to for your hair cuts or car repairs. Is it the cheapest place in town, the shop closest to your home, or the shop where you found someone you trust?

We Have Your Best Interest As Our Top Priority.

We have teamed up with Military Home Programs and their professionals. Call me today at 619-961-8444 to receive confident answers to your complex questions about buying a home as a military home buyer. My Team and I look forward to serving you!

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